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Qstr learns what you teach to make your repeat experience seamless.

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Check out how the power of technology can make our lives simpler. As the new age of technology dawns on us, Qstr strive to create great buying experience for you. The best is yet to come

About Us

Qstr is first of its kind user-centric Market Network.
It is built to simplify your buying experience using data and creativity. It learns with you to enhance your subsequent experiences. Qsts are the basic unit of solution focused buying experience connecting multiple services on Qstr App, or in other words, your small slices of life.
With your experience at the centre, Qstr empowers you bringing the best of you and technology together at the tip of your finger.

Starting with five Qsts

  • Prepaid Mobile Recharge
  • Pizza Ordering
  • City Commute
  • Travel
  • Planning to Purchase a Mobile ?

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Qstr is as good as its user. Let us know what we can do better to simplify your buying experience ?